Unrelenting Power

by Katacomb

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Xuxl Just Thrash with no compromise! If you like the good old days...you know what you have to do...!!! \m/ Favorite track: Leprotic Nightmare.
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Katacomb's debut album "Unrelenting Power", recorded in 2015 and released on 26.10.2015.


released October 26, 2015

All music and lyrics by Katacomb.



all rights reserved


Katacomb Helsinki, Finland


Katacomb is a finnish Thrash Metal band founded in 2010. After releasing a demo in 2011, they now have released their debut album "Unrelenting Power" on 26.10.2015.


Vocals: Eetu Laustela

Guitar: Ville Piirainen

Bass: Anselmi Ahopalo

Drums: Antti Marjamo
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Track Name: The Entrance (Intro)
Track Name: Leprotic Nightmare
Beneath the black sky and above the gray clouds
Lights! Flash! Thousands of Speeders fly over us
Another dose of green gas cleaning away human scum
Bodies pile on the wastes
as those still alive must feed on the dead

Flying gas masked demons
Paid by the government meant to save
Now instruments of genocide
Population must decay
Those not fortunate to die will rot alive

Leprotic infestation spreading...
Victims of technology
Begging to be saved
Damned by this
Leprotic Nightmare!

Final solution to overpopulation
This fatal! Disease! For thousands to live
billions must die if they so decide
Blind masses waiting to feed just turn to the sky
Face the blinding lights, are you ready to die?


Deformed beyond recognition
Not a human at all
Flesh turns black and drips away
As the painfilled days pass on

Covered in it’s own filth
No strength to make it end
From the collapsing rotten lungs
Comes one final scream: Kill me!


Cursed by this
Leprotic nightmare!
Tortured by this
Leprotic nightmare!
Track Name: Spiritual Emptiness
All must follow the same path
Of blind judgement, that leads you away
You cant take it no more
Where to go? What’s the use?
If there was a dream once
It’s long gone, dreamt away

Is the fault in you?
How dare you say that you dont care!
Is the blame on you?
Hell no! It’s all on them!
You are just an imitation
of their twisted creation
Face the mirror
Your life is only a lie
A lack of meaning
You’re running out of your time

Feels like chained to the wall
Locked down, but cant tell why
Pretending you play a part
Casual living with no thought
Working hard for no cause
Surely you’ll find one... yeah right!


Wasted existence
Lost in a void
Spiritual Emptiness
A life devoid of purpose

You’re free to do anything
but maybe some other day?
Following your own tracks
Running circles until the grave
If you had hope once
It’s forever gone, there is none!


Wasted existence
Lost in a void
Spiritual Emptiness
A life devoid of purpose
Track Name: Rising From The Tombs
Beneath the desert sand
In the ancient ruins
Sealed tombs of old await
Cursed by those who are dead

Masked priest stands tall
Chanting the dark name
Osiris, join us tonight
Afterlife will now begin


Rising from the tombs
Th eir bodies will exhume
Rising from the tombs
Behold, your doom

Shaken awake once more
Torment of life won’t end
Ancient creatures crawl to light
As terror takes control


The priests finish the ritual
A journey into the underworld
The judgement has been broken
The souls of deceased are let free

Taken! back!
From the afterlife!
Forgotten! Halls!
Open once more!

The Will! Of Gods!
Has been denied!
Rising! They’re Rising!
Rising From the Tombs!

Track Name: Shock Combat

Charging at their lines our assault has began
Bombing run, shaking ground, support from above
Burning corpses, bullet holes, men crawling in the mud
Shellshocked enemies slaughtered with cold blood

Breaking their defenses with one brutal blow
Rolling to their trenches soldiers standing toe to toe
Hand to hand combat striking fear into their minds
Quick death is better than staying here alive

Screams of pain in the night
Muscle flash the only light
Wounds bleed, mortars fly
Cannot see, another dies
Dirt explodes, ground shakes
Paralyzed, the line breaks
Cry out, no one’s there
Support is gone, they never cared
Fading hope, time to die
shattered souls claimed by
Shock combat!

Gun fire and tracer rounds light up the sky
Marching to their camps, suppressive fire from behind
Infantry is leading, tanks have gathered in a line
Ready for the volley they wait the final sign
The enemy is crippled on an all-out retreat
Remaining standing forces are begging on their knees
Kill them all, spare no life, the orders we were told
Followed with precision, let the massacre unfold

The art of war is simple, you fight until your veins run dry
Battlefield is your playground where you struggle to survive
Dying for your country, thinking your beliefs were just
Crowned as a hero but left to die... In disgust...


Track Name: Speed Of Light
Wild nights and fast bikes
We’re riding faster than the speed of light!
No one will ever slow us down
Get out of the way or hit the ground!


Thrashers are on the loose! BEWARE!
Pounding the whimps with our steel!
Death is all they deserve!
Power of our sound is real! Yeah, real!

Speed of light!
Thrashing to... Speed of light!
Turning overdrive.. Speed of light!
Faster! Speed of light!

Life’s a lie and so are you!
Illusions broken, never cross me fool!
Take your lies and die in vain
Soon enough your blood will reign!

Track Name: The Curse
At the Purgatory demons tear you apart
You’re blinded by fear, there’s no way out
Your skin is torn to pieces, scooping out the lungs
Rape your soul, smash it down

The Lord has sent you to burn forever
He has the Heaven’s Throne of Judgement
The Power to curse you down, your miserable life
For your sins, you must burn in... Hell!

Everyday it’s the same fucking game
Torment is your friend now, Agony’s your name
Tortured existence, No coming back
Just wonder how you can make the Counter-Attack!

Again you’ve been nailed to the cross
Just another slave for the Devil
A victim of his sadistic games
For your sins, you are damned to... Hell!

From the depths of hell you’ll take his commands
The black whip raised high in his hands
His blade will slice you in half
As you fall to the burning pits of evil

Riders of doom from the Circles of Hell
Force you upon the altar floor
Sacrifice slowly begins! Torment! Endless suffer!

When the torture drives you insane
Satan laughs at your pain
You will never be free! You are doomed forever!
Blow the trumpets, toll the cursed bells

An angel of death, the Beast from Hell
Beyond the Seven Gates, can’t you see
He brings death, destruction and misery
Worship the Goat, fear thy name
Hunter of lost souls, they’ll suffer all the same
You are a prisoner of his Damned World

Infernal Legions will prevail!

You are... Doomed Forever!

There is no cure, don’t pray for salvation
The Flames are burning higher, roasting you alive
The Scars will never heal, Demons feast on your flesh
You awake, only to die again!


Worship the Goat, fear thy name
Hunter of lost souls, they’ll suffer all the same
You are the prisoner of his damned world
Infernal legions will prevail!
Track Name: Overdose
Lay in bed, Blinded, Cant move, Paralyzed
Craving another shot to feel more numb

Try to hide, But all can see
Losing yourself, Th ere’s no control
Trembling hands, Like a slave
Slow suicide, It’s what you deserve
Small price to forget
the misery of this life
Too much, Too fast, Don’t care

Memory erased by substance abuse
Decline, Degrade, Turning to human waste

Track Name: Into The Katacomb
You’re not the first and won’t be the last
To be lost in the Darkness
A strange calling that leads you inside
Down the steps, closer to Hell
The Walls close in, Behind your back
Your old life means nothing now
As the only way out leads deeper within

The Ground starts to tremble
You fall on your knees
A Sonic Devastation
Driving you insane

Screaming pain as you decay
A Praise of Death
Four Shadows surround you
Welcome your new Gods!

Swear your life, Descry your Gods
Unholy Rites, As the Darkness falls
Defiled, Raptured, Stripped of Glory
Tortured, Degraded to be reborn
Enter inside...
Into the Katacomb!

Out of the Light and into the Dark
See the Black through our eyes, Unity, bound by pain!
You’ve left the past behind, Cast away the old ways
Forget the lies you’ve been fed
Your destined life has began at last
Defending the Faith with their own lives

Enlightened rituals, Th e Cult is here tonight!
Purifying violence washes all sins away
The Black Mass celebrates as the Sky burns Red


The Time has come to sound the Charge
The Gates have been opened
We’re the Force that can’t be denied
We don’t care what you think
So better just keep it to yourself
Devastating the World like a Storm
Take our side or face your Demise

Sworn to the Black, Awakening of the mind
Violent beliefs, Join those who share thy Fate

Raw and Pure Hatred
Visions of Madness
As the World ends!